What to Look For in a Curly Hair Salon

If you love your curly hair, you’ve probably considered going to a Curly Hair Salon. However, where do you go? Here are some things to consider before making an appointment. You can always visit your local salon if you’re not sure where to go. Curly hair is not for everyone and a salon can provide services tailored to your needs. Curly hair salons are great places to get a unique look, or a refresher course for a seasoned curl-girl. You can check here Best Hair Salon NYC 

There are many types of curly hair salons around the world, but the OG is Christo Fifth Avenue. The founder of this salon, Christo Curlisto, is also known as the “King of Curls.” This salon offers cutting, coloring, bridal services, and even classes on hair care for curly hair. Check out their Facebook page to see what other clients are saying about the experience. You’ll be glad you did!

Keesha has been cutting hair since she was a child and has worked with first ladies Hillary Clinton and Nancy Regan. As a part of the Cosmo Prof Artistic Team, she teaches cutting techniques at hair shows across the U.S. She was named one of the “Faces of Sola” and the “Top 100” in Modern Salon magazine’s “Salon’s Top 100” for 2020. Despite her experience and her love for curly hair, Keesha’s passion for curly hair is so strong, she started a training program for other stylists called “Daze Curl Education” in 2021.

Unlike many salons that only offer a few services, Nubia Rezo has a flagship salon in Midtown, Manhattan. Their signature cut is focused on maintaining the length and shape of curly hair. The salon also offers a training academy to educate stylists on the art of cutting curly hair. A visit to Nubia Rezo will set you back $350, but it’s worth it! You’ll be satisfied with the results.

A curly hair salon can help you achieve the perfect cut. Curly hair is unique because it has a “bounce factor.” During the cut, you want to avoid tension and elevation, which can cause breakage. Regular hairstylists shouldn’t use combs on curly hair, because they stretch the curls. They can also be less effective at detangling and styling because they don’t know how to properly use them.

Getting the right cut and style for curly hair can make a world of difference. Ashley Miller knows curls and knows exactly what they need. She’ll take your curls from lifeless to gorgeous and create a style that fits your personality. The curly hair salon in Seattle is the perfect place to get the cut and style you’ve been looking for! A visit to Ouidad will give you a new lease on life.