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For a great way to save money on your groceries, visit a discount grocery store.Discount grocers have large sections of frozen meat, vegetables, and fish. You can even find more expensive specialty items, such as Beyond Meat’s vegetarian squash chili, for 75 percent off the regular price. And don’t worry – these frozen items are usually still good, even after the “best-by” dates have passed. Besides regular grocery stores, you can also visit dollar stores, where the freezer cases are likely to contain mystery brands. I strongly suggest you to visit Save A Lot to learn more about this.

While discount grocery stores vary in their product assortments, many offer generic store brands at lower prices. In addition to discount supermarkets, many major retailers also operate supercenters, which add a full-service grocery store.
The secret to a discount grocery store is efficiency. This concept is based on selling quality private label brands, limiting assortment, and promoting value.
It may come as a surprise, but consumers are always looking for bargains, regardless of the economy. Studies show that sixty-eight percent of Americans enjoy finding bargains. And, discount grocery stores offer these bargains at affordable prices. Retailers’ store brands are important to their business, which is evident from their market share: discount grocery stores account for twice as much store brand dollar share as mass merchandise stores and supercenters. Discount grocery stores are growing their private label category to meet consumer demand.
The downside to discount grocery stores is that the selection is typically smaller than regular grocery stores. Prices are low, but the quality of products may be suspect. In addition, hours of operation are short and the atmosphere isn’t fancy. The price difference is often worth it, though. Discount grocery stores include salvage stores, limited-assortment stores, and even discount grocery chains. Generally, though, the selection isn’t as diverse as at regular grocery stores.
While the discount grocery store industry has seen a dramatic downturn in the past few years, the company has been able to capitalize on the trend and has become a global success story. The company is now on a $5 billion expansion plan, and it’s already expected to have 2,500 stores by 2022. The company isn’t afraid to expand and will continue to open new locations as long as consumers continue to shop at its stores.