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Emmitt Smith, the NFL legend who won Dancing with the Stars, is a spokesperson for QC Kinetix. Smith understands firsthand the importance of regenerative medicine and innovative chronic pain treatments. Previously, these treatments were reserved for elite athletes, but thanks to rapid advances in the field, these treatments are now available to everyone. Justin Crowell, CEO of Charlotte-based QC Kinetix, understands the needs of athletes and the public. Get additional information at sports medicine Toledo

As a business owner and CrossFit enthusiast, Scott McLeod wanted to look for other options to surgery. He went on a search for regenerative medicine and discovered that there were several methods available for treating arthritic knee pain. After his doctor suggested a knee replacement, McLeod started researching. He wanted to offer these treatments to people in his hometown. Now he has access to an entire team of medical experts to treat his patients.

QC Kinetix’s leadership believes that regenerative medicine can change the way disease and injury are treated. In addition to clinic locations, QC Kinetix seeks like-minded professionals to help them expand their professional reach. Franchisees will be able to keep their day jobs, while working on the latest advancements in regenerative medicine. Franchisees will also have the option to partner with non-licensed investors.

Patients can experience fast healing after undergoing a QC Kinetix treatment. The clinic has a team of highly-trained regenerative medicine specialists who specialize in the treatment of arthritis and other joint pains. Unlike traditional surgeries and common addictive prescription medications, patients can recover and return to their daily activities sooner. QC Kinetix’s highly skilled team of specialists uses regenerative medicine methods to treat arthritic, joint, and ligament pain.

QC Kinetix offers a concierge-level service for their patients. Patients pay cash for a QC Kinetix consultation, and they receive state-of-the-art treatments. Additionally, a medical provider will spend quality time with the patient and customize a treatment plan for each individual patient. Unlike traditional doctors, QC Kinetix doesn’t accept insurance. The company’s founders, Tyler Vail and Dr. Richard Schaffer, hope to make QC Kinetix a franchise opportunity.

QC Kinetix, located in Westlake, offers patients a nonsurgical, pain-relieving alternative to joint surgery, NSAIDS, and pain pills. Its mission is to help patients live their lives without pain, without surgery. QC Kinetix provides a safe and comfortable environment for patients, while offering personalized, custom biologic therapies to address specific conditions. For those suffering from knee pain, QC Kinetix is the place to turn.

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