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Water damage refers to different possible losses experienced by a structure due to water intrusion, mostly in its interior, which can damage the building’s internal framework and also its contents. It can include a wide range of phenomena including total loss of furniture, carpets, drywall and insulation. All these are the results of water intrusion and damage. Water damage can also be categorized into two forms: wet and dry. Baton Rouge mold remediation services

Wet water damage is characterized by rapid evaporation, expansion of the area exposed to water, and progressive drying up of the affected materials. In wet water damage restoration, all possible means of drying up the area must be employed. The most effective technique for dry water damage restoration involves using pressurized hot water to drive away all the contaminants and microbes. In this case, all the objects that have been damaged during the flooding must be cleaned and dried thoroughly, including the carpets, padding, walls, furniture and so on. Drying must be quick; otherwise, the contamination will spread and become a new problem.

Dry water damage, on the other hand, can cause gradual drying up of the area without use of any techniques. Some water sources can be easily restored by simply wiping it with a dry piece of cloth, or by using powerful air-con cleaners and dehumidifiers. However, if the water source is not controlled, a more complicated process of water damage restoration is required, such as applying of absorbent granular products. These granular products will absorb the water from the damaged area. If the area is big enough, then drying can be achieved by introducing more granules and by combining different drying methods. If no drying solutions or chemicals are available, then a layer of polyethylene is used to protect the base of the carpet from further water entry.

Water damage restoration is a complicated and laborious process which should be done with extreme care and precautions. The process can be started by drying up the affected area and then following it up with cleaning. The cleaning process should include use of water extraction equipment like pumps and water trucks. For large-scale water damage restoration, water extraction machines are usually used. The pump will suck out excess moisture and help in drying the floor. The cleaning team can include professional domestic cleaning equipments or those manufactured for commercial use.


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