Child Custody and Visitation: Grandparents Rights to Custody and Visitation

A legal representative for grandparents’ rights can help you obtain custody of your grandchildren. The Texas Family Code gives grandparents the right to seek conservatorship or visitation of their grandchildren. To obtain custody, grandparents must show that the visitation or conservatorship is in the best interests of the children. If limiting contact with a child would harm the child’s welfare, the court will more likely award visitation to the grandparents. This is a high burden of proof. You can find out more grandparents rights attorney near me 

If your grandchildren have been abused or neglected, you may seek to assert your rights to visit them. A compassionate and knowledgeable attorney can help you present your situation in court to ensure that you get the time that you need with your grandchildren. Many courts understand the importance of continuous contact with family members, and can help you protect your grandchildren from abuse. A qualified attorney can present your circumstances to the court to protect your rights. After all, you can’t be a parent all the time, and having the time to interact with your grandchildren isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You may want to consult a New York Family Lawyer if your children have been subject to a divorce or legal separation. In addition to divorce, a legal separation can cause issues for children, including custody and visitation. A New York Grandparents Rights Attorney can provide legal counsel to help you with your case. The law firm offers free consultations to discuss your rights as a grandparent. If you are concerned about the rights of your grandparents, contact Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC for more information.

If you want visitation rights with your grandchildren, it is vital that you find a qualified attorney who specializes in this field. New York laws differ from those of other states, but a qualified attorney will know the laws and explain how they can help you. Once you have hired an attorney, your case will be handled in court. If necessary, you can even obtain court-ordered visitation rights. There are numerous ways to seek visitation rights.

Grandparents can pursue visitation rights when the child’s parents have died. It is possible to gain visitation rights during separation, divorce, or annulment proceedings. In addition to visiting rights, grandparents can bring the case through a petition for visitation rights, a writ of habeas corpus, or a writ of habea and corpus. Your grandparents rights attorney can help you establish a strong case that is in the best interest of the child.

Arizona courts will consider grandparents’ rights when making custody decisions. Arizona law allows grandparents to seek custody of grandchildren if they are “in loco parentis.” This means that the child is being treated as if the grandparents are the parents, and that the non-parent is the best person to care for them. If this is the case, the child’s living parents would negatively impact the child. In such a situation, a qualified grandparents rights attorney can help you win custody and visitation rights.