QC Kinetix Offers Regenerative Knee Pain Treatments

Pro Football Legend Emmitt Smith recently endorsed QC Kinetix for musculoskeletal pain and joint health. Injuries sustained playing the NFL and wear and tear in his dance career made him a great candidate for the company’s biologic treatments. The NFL Legend has been a satisfied client of QC Kinetix’s services, and he is thrilled to see the company’s rapid growth. Emmitt Smith is not alone. click for more Marietta sports medicine 

QC Kinetix offers comprehensive regenerative treatment options for knee pain. Their multidisciplinary approach is backed by a staff of experienced physicians and a full-time medical director. The result is a comprehensive approach to knee pain, addressing both underlying conditions and recent sports injuries. Moreover, the clinic offers concierge-level service to its patients. This allows them to enjoy the same benefits as the company’s corporate headquarters.

QC Kinetix (Aurora) employs highly trained regenerative medicine specialists. The clinic treats arthritis pain and other joint problems without surgery or the use of common prescription medications. This way, patients can recover faster and return to their normal lives. Patients at QC Kinetix are strongly encouraged to explore this new treatment option. The treatment is safe and effective, but patients with certain medical conditions should consult a doctor before undergoing it.

QC Kinetix franchise opportunities allow medical professionals to expand their practice and meet the needs of their patients. Franchisees can choose to own a single location or a number of locations, or partner with non-licensed investors. Despite the high level of autonomy offered by a QC Kinetix clinic, franchisees enjoy access to proven operating systems and equipment suppliers. Moreover, they have access to effective marketing programs.

Patients who suffer from chronic pain and joint problems can opt for regenerative treatments that promote healing and reduce inflammation. QC Kinetix has a unique approach that uses natural ingredients and medical technology to treat a wide variety of conditions. Its regenerative treatments focus on the body’s own healing capabilities, so patients can get instant relief without any side effects. QC Kinetix has a convenient location in Kansas City, MO.

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