Canadians Using the Internet to Shop

A recent survey has revealed that nearly 75% of Canadians use the internet to shop for goods. According to this survey, 42% of those people are also selling their products on the internet. A recent study has found that over 74% of respondents make at least seven purchases online per year. Of those people, 58% are power buyers or frequent buyers. Of the ones who only buy once, only 9% are hyper buyers. This group makes up 60% of all transactions on the internet in Canada. Click to Get More Information

The growth of e-commerce in Canada has been steady over the past decade. In late 2018, there were CA$1.85 billion in online sales and 28 million Canadians shopped online. A survey of 2000 adult internet users, 18 and over, showed that 80% of consumers prefer to shop online. The largest segment of this demographic was single, followed by couples with children and those without children. However, e-commerce is making up a growing percentage of the retail sector in Canada.

Among the top categories of merchandise that Canadians buy online, apparel is the most popular. This category includes clothing, footwear, and accessories. Interestingly, almost half of the respondents use Amazon to discover new products. And one-fifth of those with an Amazon Prime membership also shop on Amazon. While this survey does not include stats for marketplaces outside of Canada, it does suggest that a large portion of the shopping activity is conducted through these companies.

Although e-commerce has gained ground in Canada in recent years, traditional retail sales have been slowing down. More than 96 percent of the adult population of Canada is now using the internet. Even though the retail sector is growing, it is slowly taking over traditional brick-and-mortar stores. However, this does not mean that e-commerce has completely disappeared. Many people still prefer shopping on the internet, despite its many drawbacks.

The e-commerce sector in Canada has seen significant growth over the last few years. In the last decade, Canadians were the second-most likely to shop online. More than ninety percent of adults aged 18 and older are now online, according to PayPal Canada. While these numbers may seem modest, they show an important shift in the country’s spending habits. While traditional retail sales have decreased, the e-commerce sector has increased by 59 percent.

The survey found that 45% of Canadians using the internet to shop e-commerce websites in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific region used the internet to purchase goods in the last year. The survey also showed that the number of single people using the internet to make purchases has also increased. In fact, one-third of single Canadians are using the web to make purchases. In fact, two-thirds of all online buyers were in the urban area, while only a quarter of them were on the rural side.